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The "New" pieces are a few of my latest creations. Inspired by my soon-to-be sister-in-law's request for "something to perk up the front of the house," these steel birds have been known to make the perfect nesting place for real birds. The large version I call "Dancing Cranes" because they sway in the wind making them seem like they're doing a mating dance.

The "Abstract" pieces are made using the evaporative pattern casting process. Each is unique, an edition of one. There are NO other copies, they are NOT cast from a mold. However, some of them could be used as maquettes ("blueprints") to build enlarged pieces of sculpture. Think of the final work as being 10-20 feet tall. I view them from a low, close vantage point as I am designing. This sets my eye level to where it would be when it's enlarged, giving the feeling of walking up to it and sensing the mass, power and elegance. Whether destined for enlargment and placed in front of a building or simply used as desk-top art, the pieces make a statement and will be a focal point in any decor.

The "Figurative" pieces are representative of my other sculpture styles. Some of the pieces were commissioned and are not for sale ... they are shown for example only, however there are figurative pieces for sale and will be so indicated. In addition, I would be happy to discuss designing a custom bust for you or a loved one.

See About the Art for more information about the processes used to make the sculpture. I have lots of pieces and intend to post more on a regular basis. Please come back to see what’s new.

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New Abstract Figurative
Beak to Beak Abstract Sculpture Three Queens Abstract Sculpture Anticiaption Steel Horse Sculpture Good Spirit Sculpture
Bloom Again (Yard Art)

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