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Mailander Presses For Sale
  Chickee, Richard Arfsten and John Moore (Prince John)
Two Trolls and Prince John
The F.A.G. 104 Flatbed Proof Press

Removing the F.A.G. 104 from it’s London home

Loading the F.A.G. 104 into the cargo box
Unloading the F.A.G. press
Unloading the F.A.G. 104 from my truck onto the dolly ... home at last.
Bringing the Wagner (“Big Blue”) flatbed
proof press home from Cincinnati
Big Blue ... The Wagner flatbed proof press
Wagner flatbed proof press
“Big Blue” ... on the left silly!
Mark Patsfall supervising loading the Wagner press
Mark Patsfall (right)
supervising the moving
of Big Blue
The Wagner press won't fit thru the door
Oops ... Big Blue won’t fit
thru the door
Loading the Wagner onto the truck
We had to remove
the 3,000 pound
blanket roller in order
to get Big Blue onto the truck.
Bringing the Mailander flatbed proof press
home from Boca Raton

Mailander in Boca Raton

Bigger truck, bigger trailer...
we made it home!
Mailander Presses For Sale

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